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Bulk Stretch Canvas Bundles

Bulk Stretch Canvas Bundles

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  • Sold in prepacked bundles of 10
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Product Highlights:

  • Handmade: Each item is built to last and inspire.
  • Pioneering Innovation: New-age 260gsm canvas, developed specifically for ACF,  archival quality, and fully recyclable.
  • Pre-coated: Machine-applied coating is versatile and even.
  • Slime line:  20mm Firmer and stronger than most deep-edge canvas
  • Fine Tooth: Even surface provides the perfect foundation for both oil and acrylic paints. 
  • Advanced Stretcher Bars: Strong, warp-free and beveled inner edges.

*We always recommend you prepare your canvas the way you find works best for you.  

** Bulk packs are not available for stacked discounts.

Our high-quality canvases, favored by many local professional artists, are perfect for:

  • Art Classes
  • Paint and Sip Events
  • Office Parties & Functions
  • Team Building Activities
  • Art Schools
  • Fundraising Events
  • Group & Art Therapy Sessions
  • Art Clubs


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    For local shipping within the UK, we utilize ParcelForce.

    Additionally, we provide a collection service in BN5 West Sussex area , but this is available only by prior arrangement.

  • Guarantee

    At ACF Canvasses, we offer a 100% guarantee on both workmanship and materials for all our products.

    This commitment reflects our high standards of quality and durability.

    As customers, you can be assured of the quality of the canvasses you purchase from us, backed by this solid guarantee.

    For more detailed information about our products and their guarantee, please visit our website Return Policy at ACF Canvasses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Louise McAdam
Excellent product

As a first time user I've been really impressed with these canvasses. I use acrylic paint pouring styles in a variety of techniques. They take paint of different consistencies nicely and I can't fault them. In the hand they feel really sturdy with a super smooth tight surface, there has been no sagging or warping. The quality and the size range is brilliant for my needs. Customer service is also fantastic.

Thank you so much Louise, your art is looking great. Please tag us on your completed items. Thank you for the support.

Michael Ross
Super Canvasses

My very first painting on one of these canvasses was of some Rockhopper Penguins. I use acrylic.. and can’t fault it at all.

Garry Smith
Great quality

Great quality at reasonable priced canvases

Hi Garry, glad you are happy! Please share the completed products are your experience once completed.


Is ACF a new company?

Established in 2013 in South Africa, Art Canvas Factory is not new to the industry.

They're known for high-quality artist box and stretch canvas frames. In 2023, they expanded into the UK market, bringing along their ACF Stretch / Box Canvases and introducing new products like “Paint n Sip” bundle packs.

They offer a range of canvas products on their online store. Though ACF is newer to the UK, they have a solid reputation, backed by a decade of excellent reviews and a strong social media following.

SA Facebook over 45 000 followers

What type of canvas do you use?

We offer two types of durable, woven polyester canvases that are acid free.

The 260 gsm canvas, featured in our Stretch Canvas and Paint n Sip range, is strong, flexible, and treated to repel water and stains while enhancing colors.

The 280/320 gsm canvas, used for our Box Canvas and other premium frames, is thicker and comes pre-coated with a special gesso for oil painting, though it's great for other mediums too.

You're welcome to add more gesso if you like!

How are the canvases primed?

Our canvases are primed with a special coating that makes them resistant to water, stains, and dirt while providing excellent color development.

The lighter 260 gsm canvas receives a heat-stable, optically whitened treatment, making it strong and flexible.

Our heavier 280/320 gsm canvas is coated with an exclusive gesso, developed with Joe Joubert Hand Made Oil Paints, ensuring an even, oil-ready surface.

Nevertheless, we consistently recommend that artists should ready their canvases in the usual manner, whether that involves applying gesso or an undercoat, according to preference.

What are the benefits of polyester canvas over linen, cotton duck or poly cotton?

Polyester canvas is known for its strength and durability, which surpasses that of both linen and cotton duck. It's less prone to absorb moisture, reducing the risk of warping and maintaining tension over time. Polyester also offers a consistent weave and is generally more heat stable. Additionally, it tends to be lighter and is often treated to be water, stain, and dirt repellent, which enhances the longevity of the artwork. Polyester canvases provide a smooth surface that is great for detailed work and excellent color clarity.

I want to know more about polyester canvas - what can you tell me?

Polyester canvas is known for its consistent weave and ability to stay "drum tight" without being affected by humidity, unlike linen or cotton.

It's resistant to rot, mildew, and mold, at ACF we size it with our specially formulated coatings. Regular gesso (and your normal undercoats) adhere well on either of our canvas, it should require fewer coats due to its synthetic nature.

Its durability makes it resistant to temperature and humidity-related issues. Paint adhesion is very good.

Our canvases have been manufactured to look and feel like 'normal canvas'

Our unique frames ensure the fabric doesn’t move, warp or stretch causing sagging.

Remember, individual experiences may vary, so it's advisable to test it yourself.

Can I paint on any type of polyester?

While it's possible to paint on various polyesters, our research indicates several challenges unique to the art community.

We've delved into these, addressing issues like sagging, flexibility, indentation, and surface coatings.

Our efforts involved extensive collaboration with scientists and artists to develop our exclusive range of products, tailored to overcome these specific concerns.

The coatings we have developed are exclusive to ACF canvases - and made solely for artists.

Do your stretchers warp or break?

Our stretcher bars, crafted from MDF, are designed for stability and longevity.

They resist warping, bending, or buckling, which is why we confidently offer a 100% guarantee.

Our decade-long experience, with over 100,000's stretcher bars produced and an exceptionally low return rate, attests to their quality.

MDF's advantages include stability against temperature changes, resistance to pests, environmental friendliness from recycled wood, and a long lifespan, ensuring durability when maintained in favorable conditions.

Handle canvases with care, store them vertically, and avoid extreme temperatures and humidity.

Are ACF canvasses a cheap chinese import?

ACF Canvasses Ltd is established in the UK and represents an expansion of South Africa's Art Canvas Factory, renowned for handmade high-quality artist box and stretch canvas frames.

The canvas is also developed and manufactured in South Africa.

Their unique stretcher bars have been designed by the owner Graham back in 2013.

The company upholds its commitment to quality in the UK, ensuring their canvases are distributed with the same high standards as the original Art Canvas Factory, rather than being imported from China.

Are ACF products sustainable and eco-friendly?

ACF products, made from MDF and polyester, offer eco-friendly benefits.

MDF is sustainable, using recycled wood fibers, minimizing waste and reducing timber harvesting. It utilizes almost all parts of the tree, enhancing its environmental profile.

Polyester, compared to linen and cotton, is more sustainable due to lower water, energy, and land use. Polyester can be recycled. Products made from recycled plastics are durable, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

These materials contribute to ACF's commitment to sustainability and eco friendliness.